We have been using Lanotec’s Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin & Citra Force supplied by Lanogreen UK for over 6 months with great results. Our biggest issues are our plant machinery which is exposed to Lime on a daily basis and over time this forms a mortar which is very difficult to remove and also the exposure to sea air which is extremely corrosive. By applying a coat of HD liquid lanolin we are benefiting from the protective seal on our machines which has reduced the frequency in cleaning and increased the ease in removing Lime build-up. We have also eliminated our struggle with corrosion on our plant saving us time and money in maintenance and downtime. Around every 6 weeks our machines are cleaned and degreased using Citra Force followed by a fresh application of HD liquid lanolin. Not only are we successfully protecting our machines on site, we are also happy to be protecting the environment with the use of Lanotec’s biodegradable products.

Gareth Rees Plant Hire LTD

I have been using Lanotec’s Liquid Lanolin on my Passenger Ferries, I have had a considerable saving on fuel costs, due to the fact the vessels now glide through the water with very little resistance.

I am very impressed that I can now protect my vessels with a product that is Environmentally friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend the use of Lanotec’s Liquid Lanolin for Marine Application.

Bay Islands Taxi Service

We use HD extensively on everything exposed at Green Cape Lighthouse, such as Gas Regulators, Hinges etc. We find it a fantastic product on everything we use it for.

Obviously one of the most important considerations is the product is not hazardous.

Parks Service Division, Department of Environment & Conservation

We use Citra Force as a degreaser cleanser with outstanding results.

To date we have had no failures due to using Lanotec products specifically Type A Grease and Citra Force.

Most of our work is carried out in harsh conditions Quayside’s, Fertiliser Sheds and General Automotive Electrical.

We continue to use and recommend Lanotec Products as we have found it has not let us down in the last 5 years we have been using the products.

Millwards Auto Electrical

As one of the largest crush site in Australia we have been using your Lanotec products since 2000 and have been very impressed.

The results have been outstanding on the drive chains, prior to using Lanolin we had used other lubricants with occasional chain failure and they were also expensive and time consuming to apply.

With Lanotec we have not had a chain failure since and the necessary lubrication intervals have extended dramatically.

Lanotec products have saved us maintenance time as well as downtime, this is easily the best lubricant we have ever used for chains as well as providing unbeatable weather protection.

McGuigan Wines Ltd

We have been using your Type A Grease and Heavy Duty Liquid products for the last 12 months on Underground Mining Equipment,

and have no hesitation recommending your products.

Applications used are Drilling & Tapping, Lubrication & Threads, Anti-corrosion of stored parts.

Since coating with Heavy Duty Liquid we have reduced the service time of the Bulk Head down from 3 hrs to 15 minutes with no corrosion and minimal cleaning.

All our stored parts are coated in Lanotec and prevent corrosion in our coastal workshop.

Longwall Haul Mining & Quarrying Equipment

We are currently using you product as a spray coating for our Laser cut Mild steel.

With tight storage the items are kept outside awaiting use on our production line.

We had a problem with surface corrosion of the items and increased costs due to preparation work.

We tried Lanotec applied by spray and have not had a problem since.

It leaves a fine film, repels water, and the steel even after months outside looks the same as the day it was received.

This is a fine product and we recommend it.

L&M Radiator PTY LTD

I am delighted to tell you we have had great success with Lanotec products on our Snowex Salt Spreaders.

Prior to application we had a huge problem with the corrosive nature of the Salt in the Spreader, in particular the Electrics as these were vulnerable to damage from the salt.

After coating the elements in Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin we have had no problems whatsoever.

We have also coated the Hinges and other metal moving parts with Heavy Duty to protect them.

This has significantly extended the lifetime of the Spreader and reduced Maintenance time.

Heneghan Plant Hire Ltd

Since May 2006 we have been using Citra Force in our Everyday Cleaning for Washing up, Wiping down and Scrubbing the floors.

During this time we have been inspected by ‘Safefood Qld’ Inspectors, they found the cleanliness and hygiene of the shop to be first rate.

Citra Force dissolves grease and grime with ease and customers have commented on the Orange Fragrance in the shop.

We have forum the Citra Force to be very economical and of superior quality, we cannot praise this product enough.

Calamvale Quality Meats

We have been most impressed with the results from using Lanotec’s Liquid Lanolin.

Our first application was a coating for polypropylene seats that had developed a surface bloom of whitish appearance,

this was to restore the seating for use at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

The results were instantly visible on the poly seats so we extended the application to include the Acrylic painted steel framework.

The bloom disappeared and the steelwork looked brighter.

To our pleasure the seats and frames have since remained in first class condition proving the test of time.

No Fuss Seating Systems

I would like to certify that Lanotec Lanolin Products were trialled and accepted on a National Level,

For use on our fleet of Intratsate Prime Movers and Trailers, Forklifts and Container Lift Units.

We applied the Lanolin products to Spreader Heads, Mast Cables and Lift Chains by way of reducing wear on all major components.

We also found it to be most effective as a corrosion preventative in Control Boxes and Wiring, Connections and Looms, Micro Processing equipment on Refrigeration Units.

Since introducing Lanotec Lanolin we have not experienced any further corrosion problems.

We have also found the versatility of Citra Force Degreaser/Cleaner to be used in a wide range of applications including sanitising Refrigerated Containers.

I have no hesitation in recommending these products to any prospective customers.

F.C.L. Interstate Transport Services LTD