Recycling Applications

The world is now starting to realise that without recycling the precious assets earth has will one day be exhausted and that the disposal of waste products we all create will not only threaten our existence, but that of every living thing we share earth with. 

Sustainability is now vital to be maintained in everything we do, wherever possible. This includes ensuring all machinery that have an integral role to fulfil in continually processing our various waste products: wood, metals, plastics, glass, textiles and rubber are working maintenance free for as long as possible. Protection against their working environments is critical, as is the prevention of premature wear and subsequent unplanned and costly breakdown.

Our range of Lanogreen products can play an important role in maintaining the necessary protection on key plant & machinery such as: Conveyors, shredding, washing plant, excavators, dumpers, screens, crushers, trommels, fork lifts as well as being kind to the planet.

Heavy-Duty Liquid Lanolin

  • Lubrication & corrosion protection
    • Load bearing chain
    • Wire rope/cables/winches
    • Anchors and chain
    • Prop shafts
    • Pumps
    • Motors – Mounting Frame & body
    • Component & machinery (storage/shipment)
  • Corrosion protection & moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors – Protection & reduction of marine growth
    • Vessel hulls
  • Protects all metal surfaces against water, salt & acid

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Type A Grease

  • Corrosion protection & moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Corrosion protection & anti-seize
    • Threaded rods, nuts & bolts, shackles
    • Pivot pins, bushes & linkages
  • Mounting & non-perishable
    • Rubber seals & O-Rings
  • lubrication & protection
    • Hoses

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  • Removes grease & oil build up
  • De-carbonizing of electric motors in water
  • Heavy machinery & plant cleaner/degreaser
  • Cleaning of PPE – Webbing, safety harnesses, height safety equipment
  • Formulated to remove Lanotec lanolin based products
  • Replaces the need for Butyl, Chlorinated & Solvent based products

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