Mining & Tunnelling Applications

The demands that mining and tunnelling bring are magnified in comparison to other industries as often easy access to any plant/machinery can be a slow, arduous and time consuming journey. This makes the lubrication and protection of even the most seemingly menial component even more critical. From a nut & bolt, hinge, door, access point, bucket pin, drive chain, wire sheave, hoist can result in unwanted distractions and costly delays.

Aside from affecting the safety of the workforce – accidents tend to occur when unplanned maintenance is being carried out. The blight of corrosion and seized joints doesn’t just occur above ground. The machinery utilised may never see the light of day once underground and therefore are relied upon to work unceasingly, often without the opportunity to be refreshed.

Key machinery such as: Excavators, Dumpers, Cranes, Conveyors, Pumps, Motors, Augers, Screens, Washers can all be protected by using Type A Grease the electrics on the machinery can be prevented from corroding, drive chain and hoists can be kept free of friction and frequent excessive wear problems, or by using Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin vulnerable metal surfaces, joints and fittings can be protected from corrosion – avoiding seizing of pivot pins, bushes, cables and many more.

Heavy-Duty Liquid Lanolin

  • Corrosion protection and lubrication
    • Load bearing chain
  • Corrosion protection and moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Lubrication, penetration and protection
    • Wire rope/cables/winches
  • Corrosion protection
    • Motors – Mounting Frame & body
    • Pumps
    • Support frames/struts
    • Steel pipes

Protects all metal surfaces against water, salt & acid

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Type A Grease

  • Corrosion protection and lubrication
    • Fixings and mounting
    • Bucket pins
    • Wire ropes and winches
    • Hoses
  • Corrosion protection and moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Anti-seize and lubrication
    • Linkages, hinges, threads, nuts & bolts

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Ideal for:

  • De-carbonizing of electric motors
  • Quick break degreaser
  • Removing Lanotec lanolin based products
  • Removes grease & oil build up
  • Heavy machinery & plant cleaner/degreaser

Replaces the need for Butyl, Chlorinated & Solvent based products

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