Marine Applications

We understand the importance of asset protection within the Marine industry and as a result we can offer a range of products resistant to salt, acid and moisture ensuring maximum trouble-free operation & reduced maintenance schedules and resulting costs. Offering solutions from long lasting protection on all metal surfaces and electrical components for any Marine application to versatile biodegradable lubricants ensuring downtime is limited in addition to conversion to a non-toxic product protecting workers and the environment.

Heavy-Duty Liquid Lanolin

  • Lubrication & corrosion protection
    • Load bearing chain
    • Wire rope/cables/winches
    • Anchors and chain
    • Prop shafts
    • Pumps
    • Motors – Mounting Frame & body
    • Component & machinery (storage/shipment)
  • Corrosion protection & moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors – Protection & reduction of marine growth
    • Vessel hulls
  • Protects all metal surfaces against water, salt & acid

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Type A Grease

  • Corrosion protection & moisture ingress
    • Battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Corrosion protection & anti-seize
    • Threaded rods, nuts & bolts, shackles
    • Pivot pins, bushes & linkages
  • Mounting & non-perishable
    • Rubber seals & O-Rings
  • lubrication & protection
    • Hoses

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  • Removes grease & oil build up
  • De-carbonizing of electric motors in water
  • Heavy machinery & plant cleaner/degreaser
  • Cleaning of PPE – Webbing, safety harnesses, height safety equipment
  • Formulated to remove Lanotec lanolin based products
  • Replaces the need for Butyl, Chlorinated & Solvent based products

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