Mineral Processing

Location: Swansea

Date: Jul 2020

Products Used: Lanotec HD & Citra Force

Project Overview

Operational Issue: The operational fleet onsite is exposed to a heavy mixture of Lime used in the smelting process and the sea air. This forms a mortar like coating on every surface of the plant. To assist in the removal of this coating, a “brick acid” lime remover containing Glycolic Acid & 2-Butoxethoxyethanol called Congo Juice is applied.

Why Use Lanotec

The use of harsh chemicals in products such as Congo Juice adds to the poor environmental conditions. The alternative suggested was to use a combination of Lanotec HD as a protective barrier against the Lime and sea spray, followed by Citra Force to remove the Lanotec HD and surface contamination. 


A coating of Lanotec HD had been applied 6 weeks previously to a sample area. The application of Citraforce with a 5-minute settling time on the surface was then pressure washed, successfully removing the lime coating on the treated area. Leaving a clean surface ready for another coating of Lanotec HD. 

Illustrated above is a small area untreated with Lanotec HD. Which when treated with Lanotec Citra Force, little impact was made on the removal of the Lime coating.

In summary, with the introduction of pre site application of Lanotec HD. We have proven that we can add value to the maintenance program and reduce downtime through effective asset protection. Whilst offering an environmental solution.