Our award-winning natural biodegradable products provide outstanding corrosion protection, lubrication and cleaning in all industries.

Welcome to Lanogreen

We understand the importance of corrosion protection and our aim is to provide the best possible solution to our customers. Our tried and tested environmentally friendly products provide longer lasting protection compared with other leading brands.

Why choose Lanogreen UK?

Environmentally Friendly

We believe environmentally friendly products are the present and future in natural solutions for corrosion protection, lubrication and cleaning.


We pride ourselves in supplying biodegradable alternative products that last longer, are simple to use and easy to apply.


We are fully committed to providing our customers with a high performing, fully certified, eco-friendly brand you can trust.

What our customers say

We have been using Lanotec’s Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin & Citra Force supplied by Lanogreen UK for over 6 months with great results. Our biggest issues are our plant machinery which is exposed to Lime on a daily basis and over time this forms a mortar which is very diffi cult to remove and also the exposure to sea air which is extremely corrosive. By applying a coat of HD liquid lanolin we are benefiting from the protective seal on our machines which has reduced the frequency in cleaning and increased the ease in removing Lime build-up. We have also eliminated our struggle with corrosion on our plant saving us time and money in maintenance and downtime. Around every 6 weeks our machines are cleaned and degreased using Citra Force followed by a fresh application of HD liquid lanolin. Not only are we successfully protecting our machines on site, we are also happy to be protecting the environment with the use of Lanotec’s biodegradable products.

Gareth Rees – Plant Hire LTD