Designed for tough environments

A natural, bio-degradable lubricant solution designed to specifically protect and maintain your commercial assets.

We understand the importance of asset protection and our aim is to provide the best possible solution to our customers.  Our products offer environmentally-friendly protection to rust and corrosion ensuring preservation of your machinery.

Why use Lanotec?

Asset Protection

The only product you need in the fight against corrosion ensuring longevity of your asset. Offering the ultimate protection, preservation and lubrication of all metal and electrical appliances.

Safe / Natural

Derived from oils secreted from the fleeces of sheep lanolin is a completely natural substance, bio-degradable, non-toxic and completely environment friendly. Offering unique attributes, to create a protective barrier or to remove afterwards with water.

Saves Time / Money

Versatile in all industrial sectors our products reduce the number of similar products required, intervals between planned maintenance can be increased, costly unplanned maintenance can be reduced.

Increases Performance

Machinery/asset optimization is becoming ever more crucial. The availability of a machine is critical to deadlines being met and operating costs being controlled. Our products have a long lasting performance in maintaining lubrication and protection which results in extended machine availability.

Water Resistant

Containing their unique properties our products have high resistance to salt, acids and water. Offering the best protection against the worst of environments, marine, coastal or inland.


Lanolin is unlike most other products whereby it will never evaporate, maintaining its lubricity offering extended protection against corrosion.


Lanotec develop environmentally-friendly products based on the unique properties of natural ingredients including Lanolin. Our products are formulated from raw materials with natural corrosion prevention and lubrication properties, offering versatile application in extreme environments and across varied sectors.