What is Lanolin?

Sometimes known as ‘Sheep Grease’ it is derived by the boiling down of sheep fleeces and then subsequent refining processes and blends resulting in grease, or Liquid Lanolin

Where is it made?

Australia – Owing to the industrial scale of sheep farming, conditions and type(s) of breed best suited.

Is Heavy Duty Lanolin non-conductive?

Yes, up to 70 kV

Can Type A Grease be used to lubricate bearings?

Not rotating bearings; i.e.: motor/pump bearings, but can be used if the bearing is stationary – Spherical Plain bearings/Oilite bushes, used in pivot arms, buckets, linkage systems.

Is Type A Grease non-conductive?

Yes, up to 70 kV

Can Liquid Lanolin be used as an anti-seize?

Yes, unlike some other products on the market it will never dry out and lasts much longer.

Can Type A Grease be washed off by a power washer?

No, unless a degreaser – Citra-Force is being used at the same time, water on its own will not remove it.

How does Liquid Lanolin work?

By spraying a fine coating and allowing to dry on any metal surface it will provide a protective barrier against salt spray, dirt, grease, oil, bitumen, etc. To remove apply Citra-Force and then power wash away.