About Lanotec

Established in 1998, Lanotec is a manufacturer of non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly greasing and lubricant products.

Made from Lanolin (wool grease) provides the idea solution for asset protection across varied and challenging environments. Offering a non-toxic alternative to petrochemical consumables it aims to protect and preserve your machinery reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

Our products are developed using the unique properties of lanolin, organic Methyl Ester, coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Formulated from raw materials with natural corrosion prevention and lubrication properties, perfectly suited to withstand extreme and varied climates.

Containing Lanolin, a natural substance secreted by sheep to provide a protective coating on their fleece. Lanotec use a specialised process to convert raw wool grease (lanolin) into a range of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products.